Innovation and Quality

research & development

We are an innovative company in the cork sector, in manufacturing processes, which we continuously improve, in the introduction of improvements in product attributes, in the creation of new applications for traditional products, in the introduction of new products. The R&D department is the center of this innovation, supported by the entire organization in a more comprehensive and global concept. It is, therefore, a department with the most advanced and current technological resources in the cork market and highly qualified human resources.


Distinction for the quality of our products” is one of our values. Therefore, more than a department, Quality is an attitude of the organization, confirmed by our Certifications. This attitude is present in all phases of our industrial activity:

  • Raw material inspection
  • Factory Self-Control
  • Final inspection

The Quality department is equipped with the most modern technology and qualified personnel, to perform all kinds of tests on cork products and carry out the necessary research and development to continuously improve products and processes.

  • PMC Laboratory – Physical, mechanical and chemical tests
  • Chromatography Laboratory
  • Microbiology Laboratory


Raw Material Inspection

In the heart of the forest, fruit of long experience, we only acquire the cork that gives us the guarantee of the final quality of our products. Strict quality control begins with the inspection of the raw material, as soon as it arrives at the manufacturing units.

Factory Self-Control

In all phases of the production process, the factory workers perform their own self-monitoring, which is recorded, as required by the quality manuals for each product.

Final Inspection

Samples are taken from the batches of finished products in the final inspection warehouses, following previous sampling plans, and tests are conducted to prove the reliability of the products and their conformity with the technical specifications. After performing all the tests, the Quality department approves and releases the product for shipment.


ISO 9001

FSC Certification


SYSTECODE Certification