SEDACOR revolutionizes the world of technical stoppers with innovation for sparkling wines and champagne

Rolhas Técnicas - Notícia COMPETE 2030

It is with great pride that SEDACOR shares with its customers, suppliers and partners that it has been included in the latest COMPETE 2030 newsletter as part of the Innovation project: “SEDACOR’S NEW TECHNICAL CORK STOPPER FOR SPARKLING WINES“.

COMPETE 2030 praised the investment made in an innovative system for sterilizing granules by pressurization and individual molding for the development of a new type of technical stopper for sparkling wines and champagne. It should also be noted that SEDACOR has invested in the construction of a new industrial building dedicated exclusively to a new integrated system for the production of this type of stopper by Individual Molding, totally dedicated to the production of a new range of technical cork stoppers for the sparkling wine and Champagne segment, as well as interconnected and connected to the current production management system.

In addition, the COMPETE 2030 announcement also states that the project not only uses innovative technology, but is also a response to the growing demand for high-quality technical stoppers aimed at the premium market, such as champagne. On the other hand, this new product, developed using parameters exclusive to SEDACORIt promises exemplary structural stability, outstanding bottling performance, excellent mechanical capacity and high organoleptic neutrality, allowing for an exemplary seal, which will actively and microbiologically contribute to the evolution and ageing process of sparkling wine and champagne in the bottle.

COMPETE 2030 concludes its report by mentioning the significant support that SEDACOR has received under the Incentive System for Productive Innovation. With an eligible investment of approximately 4.6 million euros and an ERDF incentive of 1.2 million euros, this project represented an important step in innovation and sustainable development in the cork sector and the company.

These external references show that SEDACOR is determined to continue leading the way in the production of high-quality technical cork stoppers, taking the industry to new heights. The company’s progress can be measured by the brutal investment it has made. Let’s see, in Productive Innovation alone, SEDACOR has invested more than 11 ME.

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