Project Name: CORK2SENSE – Development of Cork Stoppers with Low TCA and Yellowing Content

Project code: 10926

Main goal: the CORK2SENSE project aims to develop efficient and innovative solutions for application in cork stoppers, with a view to responding to two problems inherent in the use of these products in the bottling of alcoholic beverages, namely the contamination of wine by TCA, and the yellowing of high alcoholic content drinks by polyphenolic compounds.

Intervention region: Center

Beneficiary entity: Jorge Pinto de Sá, Limitada


Approval date: 27-04-2016

Start date: 01-01-2016

Completion date: 12-31-2017

Total eligible cost: 284.301,39 euros

Financial support from the European Union: ERDF – 201.842,06 euros


Activities and expected / achieved results:


Main results:

The solutions developed within this project to eliminate the effects of TCA and polyphenolic compounds on the organoleptic properties of beverages were based on the incorporation of inclusion agents in cork stoppers to significantly reduce the amount of TCA and polyphenolic compounds migrating into the alcoholic beverages, without altering the desired final properties. During the course of the project, it was possible to develop and characterize materials with activity capable of reducing the contaminating compounds in the concentration ranges of interest, and also integrate them into stoppers by using traditional cork industry techniques.

The work developed resulted in proofs of concept that were successfully implemented within the company’s production cycle, prototypes were developed, and their performance was later validated.


Publications made:

Trademark – registration of the name CORK2SENSE as a cork treatment process(;

VINITECH (2016);

MATBIM (2017);

VINITECH (2017);

Open Day Normedica AJUTEC 2017;

Scientific paper submission.


Collaboration with entities of the I&I system:

All the research and development work of the CORK2SENSE project is being done in close collaboration with CeNTI – Center for Nanotechnology and Functional and Intelligent Technical Materials. This close collaboration has proven to be an asset in the realization of this project.