Natural characteristics of cork are legendary – lightweight, with a unique feel, flexible, thermal and acoustic insulation – are now reinforced in Cork’n Roll products with new advantages: resistance to abrasion, mechanical, stain, dirt, sewing, water, and unlimited design possibilities.


The colors and textures of cork as they come from nature. The sobriety and elegance of the cork look, create various forms and give you a diverse set of decorations and shapes.

Waterproof Waterproof
Soft to the touch Soft to the touch
Abrasion resistant Abrasion resistant
Tough and durable Tough and durable
Sewable Sewable
Antibacterial and hygienic Antibacterial and hygienic

*Approximate standard measurements. Available thickness ≥0.5mm. Due to technical limitations and the characteristics of cork, the colors and natural patterns reproduced here may vary slightly from the actual product.