D_Thyme Dark

Pure fantasy is what the Divina Cork Floors D-Series can offer you. With a cork base that provides unique soundproofing and comfort, and in glue-down or floating versions, the D Series also adds the possibility of total customization. From the complexity of a new pattern, to the reproduction of a photograph, to the simplicity of adding a logo over an existing pattern. The D Series gives free rein to the decorator’s creativity, allowing originality in all kinds of environments.

Digi Woods Selection

Natural noise absorption Natural noise absorption
Comfortable Comfortable
Easy installation and maintenance Easy installation and maintenance
Tough and durable Tough and durable
Thermal insulation Thermal insulation
Antibacterial and hygienic Antibacterial and hygienic

*Due to technical limitations and the characteristics of cork, the colors and natural patterns reproduced here may vary slightly from the real product.