CorkRevolution 10 corks are another innovation in the technology of manufacturing technical corks for sealing sparkling wines. They consist of a traditional agglomerated cork body made of 4 to 6mm sterilized granules and have a 10mm thick micro agglomerated disc on top that will be in contact with the sparkling wine. Both parts are manufactured by the individual molding method, ensuring the obtention of a stopper with excellent mechanical, organoleptic, and tightness properties.
The presence of the micro-agglomerate disk, made of 0.5-1 mm low-density granules, allows for greater expansion of the cork against the neck, ensuring a seal under conditions of high internal pressure and preserving the effervescence of the sparkling wine.

Type of stopper Champagne 1 micro-agglomerated disc
Density 280 ± 25
Absorption with water ≤ 25%
Compression force
Dimensional Recovery ≥ 97%
Bottling Time ≤ 3 years