Marita Moreno wins German Design Award

Dali Azores shoes are winners in the categories of Excellent Product Design and Eco Design. The “Winner” distinction of the German Design Awards honors outstanding and commendably accomplished design work in the context of a specific category.

The German Design Awards are the German Design Council’s premium award. With its worldwide spectrum and international appeal, it is one of the most prestigious awards on the design scene across all industries. Since 2012, the German Design Awards has been identifying significant design trends, presenting them to a wide audience and honoring them. Each year, submissions in product design, communication design, and architecture are honored.

The GDA has set the highest standards in terms of selecting its winners: in a unique nomination process, companies whose communication design products and services exhibit excellence in design are invited to participate. In addition, companies have the opportunity to submit projects on their own initiative that are then reviewed by the German Design Council to see if they meet the required participation criteria.


Dali Azores are women’s shoes produced in “Cork’n Roll” white cork fabric  (from Sedacor)  and bicolour handmade weaving, made with “Cork-a-Tex” – the new and highly technological yarn of cork and cotton, awarded internationally (from Sedacor and Têxteis Penedo, the result of an innovation partnership with Citeve and Feup/University of Porto).


The Dali Azores are women’s shoes produced with white cork “Cork’n Roll” fabric (from Sedacor) and two-color artisan weaving, produced with “Cork-a-Tex” –  the new and highly technological cork and cotton thread, internationally awarded (a disruptive product developed by Sedacor and Têxteis Penedo, with the collaboration of Citeve and Feup/University of Porto).


Marita Moreno worked with an Azorean textile artisan, Eduarda Viera, from Terceira Island, who developed a unique handmade fabric with designs from the Azorean Repasso, the result of which is a very delicate work. It is manufactured in Portugal and has a limited line of 25 pairs.


At JPSCORKGROUP we are proud as partners to fully “dress” this extraordinary product.

A pleasure, redoubled by working with such a talented brand and designer. Thank you Marita Moreno for using Nature in your products!


This award recognizes the work done so far and motivates us to go further and towards a better future with sustainable choices… with cork!


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