LUSOCOLCHÃO launches mattresses with cork (World Innovation)

LUSOCOLCHÃO, the leading mattress producer in Portugal, has launched to the market a world innovation: a line of mattresses with cork, in partnership with Sedacor – JPS Group, a reference company in the production of innovative cork products.

Following the motto: “while sleeping you also protect nature”, the two companies have joined forces to provide consumers with a mattress incorporating sustainable cork materials, increasing comfort and differentiation: “Cork’n Roll” fabrics and “Cork Insu” boards

Hypoallergenic, lightweight, elastic, and compressible, cork has the perfect characteristics for good nights’ sleep. Added to the excellence of the “Lusocolchão” mattresses, the cork layer inside provides a solution with functional, antiallergic and antistatic, resistant, imputrescible and resilient benefits. This is the thermal and acoustic insulating, waterproof, and compressible material that in sheets or fabric adds clear advantages to classic mattresses. With specific treatments, the cork used adds even greater resistance to humidity, dirt, grease and abrasion. When combined with the remaining materials, it brings added value to the ergonomics and durability of “Luso mattresses”, making this a great option for a soothing sleep.

Soft to the touch and highly resistant to friction, cork is the differentiating product, associated with quality, creativity and design. The investment in research and the association with high technology enhance the functionality and comfort of the “Lusocolchão” rest products.