Cork products and their sustainable nature: BBC interview with SEDACOR

Produtos de Cortiça

SEDACOR, in collaboration with APCOR, was honored to be featured in an exclusive BBC interview on December 6, 2022 about the cork products that are conquering the world with their remarkable properties!

The Versatility of Cork: Much More than a Cork Stopper

The cork stop per is more than just a perfect stopper for wine. Cork is a unique material, with roots dating back to ancient civilizations, which is being rediscovered for its incredible capabilities, giving rise to the most diverse cork products.

Natural advantages

On our website you can find out about the natural advantages of cork, see all the information on our SUSTAINABILITY page.

Stay tuned for news on our website and social networks and find out more about this wonder of nature. Join us on this journey and learn how SEDACOR is leading innovation in cork products.

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