Cork.a.Tex-Yarn Demonstrator Project

The Cork.a.Tex-Yarn demonstrator project started on October 1, 2016 and will run for 18 months, ending on March 31, 2018.

This is a demonstration project in co-promotion whose framework aims to strengthen the transfer of scientific and technological knowledge to the business sector and is aligned with the priority areas of the Research and Innovation Strategy for Smart Specialization (RIS3), which are based on R&D activities successfully completed and aim at the industrial validation of knowledge associated with new technologies that can be applied to products, processes and or systems in order to demonstrate, before a specialized audience and in a real situation, the economic advantages and disseminate the new technology that is intended to spread.

The primary objective of Cork.a.tex-Yarn is the scalability, optimization and industrial validation of the innovative concept of yarn coated with cork additives, obtained in the “Cork-a-Tex” project, by increasing production capacity through the construction of a pilot line, with a view to its commercial use.

It is also the objective to demonstrate publicly and in a real situation the results obtained and their economic and technical advantages.

The project has an Eligible Investment of 391569.16€, with a financing rate of 62.20%.



Support program:

Compete2020 Cork Tex Yarn