AMA DESIGN wins Red Dot High Quality Design 2015

The best products receive the Red Dot: the best of the best awards.

RED HOT Lavatorio Nature

A Sedacor is proud to be the partner of AMA DESIGN in the development of the cork solution CorkInsu® which is, with the material Corian®, the innovative, beautiful, award-winning
Nature Washbasin,
by AMA Design that has just won the 38-member jury of the
Red Dot Award
and was awarded the prize
‘High Quality Design’
in the category of
Product Design 2015

In the most important competition in the area of Product Design, which this year celebrates its 60th anniversary
AMA Design
proved its excellence, with the collaboration of Sedacor.

The award-winning
Nature wash basin
is a column washbasin, which combines two distinct materials. One highly technological, Corian®, and another with unique and natural characteristics, CorkInsu® cork. Corian®, with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties, makes it possible to have a single piece without joints and without cracks. For its part, the cork CorkInsu®, by Sedacor, with unique properties that give it an unmatched character, is light, waterproof, elastic and compressible, as well as ecological, sustainable and recyclable, also incorporating elements that increase its resistance to moisture, dirt, grease and abrasion. The combination of such distinctive materials, the elegance in design, the ease of use, and the feeling of closeness to nature are the qualities that make the user experience truly unforgettable.

According to Jury, the sink with a discreet drain on the inner edge is made of the solid surface material Corian, which has antibacterial properties and is easy to clean. The natural cork material is moisture resistant and airtight . The entire column is light; however, it allows very good thermal and acoustic insulation. It can be installed in one piece. Jury statement: “Easy installation in one piece demonstrates the sophisticated functionality. The combination of mineral basin and organic cork is an innovative feature.”

Nature wash basin
as well as all the Red Dot winners, will be presented in the
Red Dot Online
, on
Red Dot Design Yearbook
, on
Red Dot 21
as well as on the application for smartphones
Red Dot App
. In addition to these privileges, the winning products are mentioned in the international Red Dot activities and exhibited in the
Red Dot Design Museum Essen
one year
entire year. O
Red Dot Award
was created by
Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen

awards ceremony
, which will be attended by more than 1,200 guests, will take place at the Essen Aalto-Theater on June 29, 2015

About Ama Design:

AMA Design
emerged in 2014 as its own brand, with the explicit intention of asserting itself in the market for the production of functional and decorative pieces. Part of the universe
Materfut S.A
. AMA is based on the design of products destined for the most diverse areas, using innovation and betting on the unexpected symbiosis between traditional and new materials. AMA Design ‘s mission is to add a touch of passion to the products it creates, making them desirable and captivating.

About Sedacor:

is part of the JPS Cork Group, one of the world’s largest producers of cork products and a reference in the sector since 1924. With a strategy of vertical integration, proximity to its business partners and diversification of cork products that add value, it has successively presented innovative and sustainable cork solutions to the world, for a wide variety of sectors such as Wines, Construction, Decoration, Footwear or Textiles.